Wake word settings

The wake words Alexa and Hey yubi can be adjusted to be more or less sensitive, according to your needs

Why would I need to change the wake word sensitivity? 

For some Voiceitt users, That use the wake word in order to activate Voiceitt, 
Voiceitt might be activated too much, In other cases, Voiceitt might be too hard to activate. 
In these cases, adjusting the wake word sensitivity can be helpful. 

How to change wake word sensitivity 

Go to: 
1. Speak tab on the bottom 

2. Click on the profile icon (man in a circle on the top) 

3. Click on setting icon (grey wheel on the top) 

4. Click on "wake word settings"

If Voiceitt gets activated too much, even if you did not say the wake word (That may happen when there is background noise, or the TV or radio are on): 

That means you wake word is too sensitive, and you would want to lower it's sensitivity--> have less boxes colored. 

If voiceitt does not get activated, even when you do say the wake word:

That means your wake word is not sensitive enough, and you need to heighten the sensitivity --> have more boxes colored. 


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