Training tips and tricks

Having trouble teaching Voiceitt to recognize you? Read on to learn why this is so important and some ways to make training Voiceitt easier.

Your voice is at the center of how Voiceitt works. So even though training can be difficult sometimes, it's super important! Voiceitt uses your recordings to learn how you say each phrase. If you're having trouble getting through the recording process, here are some tips and tricks that might make training easier:

  • Stop in the middle of a session: Voiceitt saves every recording as you complete it. So you don't have to finish an entire session. If you're feeling tired after three recordings, no worries! Take a break and come back to it later.
  • Only say each phrase once per recording: It might be tempting to repeat yourself a couple times in each recording, but Voiceitt only counts this as one time. Save your energy by tapping the button, saying your phrase once, waiting for Voiceitt to stop listening, then completing the process again.
  • Make sure you have a good audio set up: To make sure your recordings are top notch, record in a quiet environment. Turn off any TV or radio and if there are people talking go to another room or ask them to be quiet to avoid background noise in your recordings. If your voice is soft or you are noticing a lot of errors, connect a microphone to ensure clarity and reduce fatigue.
  • Only one voice in recordings: Only the person using the app should make recordings. If others are recording on the same account, Voiceitt may get confused about whose pronunciation to learn, and it could take longer to unlock phrases.
  • Take breaks after sessions: Sometimes Voiceitt just needs time to process. After you've recorded a couple rounds of 10, put Voiceitt aside and check back in a few minutes. It's possible that you've made enough recordings for your phrase to unlock, and Voiceitt just needed some time to listen and learn your pronunciation.

Keep in mind, training is a one time thing. So once you unlock your phrase, you can use it forever! And as a bonus, Voiceitt will take your recordings when it recognizes you and use them to improve how well it understands you. So the more you use the app, the better it will recognize your voice!