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Smart Home: How to Guide

With Voiceitt, you can build a personal dictionary of words and phrases to communicate with others and to control your Smart Home device. This guide will help you start with Smart Home mode!

Getting Started - Connecting with Alexa

Training your first command


Adding a custom command



Recognition Feedback

User Confirmation 


Getting Started - Connecting With Alexa

Once you have registered, and assuming you have selected SmartHome the  first thing you need to do is to connect your Amazon account. Please ensure you have created an Amazon Alexa Account.

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 8.54.05 AM

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 11.06.02 AM

Yubi's Tips

  • Make sure to check "Keep me signed in" so you don't get logged out!
  • If you chose to start with Conversation, click here for the Conversation How To Guide. If you've chosen Smart Home, you're in the right place! Let's keep moving.

Training Your First Command

Once you have successfully connected to your Alexa account you will be required to train your first word.

Once you have trained "Tell me a joke" you will be asked to train the wake word "Alexa" which will enable hands-free activation of Voiceitt, this means when you say Alexa , the app will start listening to you, and you don’t need to press a button

After a few moments, you should see a notification that the commands have unlocked. They will now be ready to use. You should be able to try them out by saying "Alexa" then you need to pause for the app to start listening and try saying "Tell me a joke". Alexa should now respond by telling you a joke.

Now that you have experienced your first recognition and have a feel for how the app works, you can continue to train more commands to be part of your dictionary, and explore the rest of the app. 



Getting To Know Smart Home Mode 

Voiceitt has two main screens: one for recognition, where you can use the commands to interact with Smart Home devices, and the other is for training your dictionary.

Initially, you need to train the commands you plan to use under "dictionary" screen, and then you can go to the speak screen to use the commands.

To switch between the two modes use the Speak and Dictionary tabs at the bottom of the screen.

speak\dictionary Smart home



The app uses a closed dictionary model, which means that each command needs to be trained separately until the app recognizes your unique pronunciation of that command. Please record the command you require to operate your smart home technology.

Voiceit has two different dictionaries and sets of scenarios you can switch between the two using the button in the top left corner and then selecting the dictionary you require.


If you chose to start with Smart Home, click here for the In Person Communication How To Guide. If you've chosen conversation, you're in the right place! Let's keep moving.



The commands in the dictionary have been grouped together into scenarios so they are easier to find and train. Choose a scenario and activate it to start to use the relevant list of commands to be trained. The scenarios are just used to easily organize the dictionary.

For some of the Smart Home scenarios, Voiceitt will ask you questions to help set up and personalize the commands that will be sent to Alexa.  

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.19.42 PM

Answer each question, then press submit to continue to the scenario dictionary. To train each command. You should now see the commands populated with the fields you entered.

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.20.05 PM

Dictionary management 

Manage your dictionary by recording, editing, deleting, and adding commands.


Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 9.01.03 AM

Edit commands smart home

Yubi's tips: 

  • Once you've edited a command you can click the Try It button to ensure the command works properly.

Adding a Custom Command 

You can add additional commands to control specific smart home devices. Click the plus icon as in the picture below. You then need to fill out the two fields "When you say:" and "Voiceitt will ask Alexa to:". The purpose of those 2 fields is to allow you to create shortcuts, saying a short command that will trigger a longer command to Alexa.  The two fields do not need to match. For example, if you want to know the weather forecast, you can just put "What's the weather" in the first field and "What's the weather in New York"   in the second field.

Add new command

Tap the ‘+’ button to add a new custom command.

Yubi's tips: 

  • Once you've trained the command, you won't be able to change the the text in the first field. You can always change the output text (the text in the second field), in order to change what Voiceitt will ask Alexa to say once it identified your speech.


Before the App understands you each command needs recording a few times so the technology can recognize how you say a specific phrase. Once you have trained a command it should unlock after a few moments and then you will have an option to try it out in speak tab.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 1.31.01 PM

training sh

Yubi's tips:

  • When training, make sure you are in a quiet environment.
  • Make sure your pronunciation is consistent and you are saying the same words each time.
  • The more you use the command, the more accurate the voice recognition gets.
  • Training must be done by the same user that will later use Voiceitt, as Voiceitt creates a personalized recognition model, that fits the unique speech characteristics of each user.


After training the app to understand your unique pronunciation, you can start using the app to control your Smart Home devices. You can activate recognition by just saying "Alexa" and then say the command you require, or by pressing the blue button. if you choose to say "Alexa", you don't need to press the button.

speak- smart home

The command you said will appear on the screen, and Voiceitt will send this command to Alexa. 

Untitled design (15)

If you tap on a command after the output has finished it will be replayed. 

Yubi's tips:

  • Use the same microphone you trained with
  • Only the unlocked commands from your dictionary can be recognized
  • In the Settings screen, you can change the app’s output voice and manage the Wake word sensitivity. 


Recognition Feedback 

When Voiceitt output is different from what you actually tried to say,  you can let us know by clicking on the "WRONG" red bottom. This will help the application improve its accuracy for future recognition attempts.

User Confirmation 

You may enable user confirmation, If you would like to give voiceitt app feedback and help improve performance.
If the application doesn't understand what has been said and thinks it might be another phrase it will display some options for you to choose from.
NOTE: This feature is off by default. If you would like to enable it, you may do so by going to Settings -> Enable  "Feedback button setting"

Use the search bar to easily find your dictionary phrases (1)



A notification will appear at the bottom of your screen if the app has trouble with your recording. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 1.38.12 PM