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Make phone calls with Alexa

How can you use Voiceitt to trigger phone calls by Alexa

Triggering Alexa to make a phone call to one of your contacts from Voiceitt can be done by using Alexa routines.

  • First, create an Alexa routine that will ask your Echo to launch a phone call:
    1. In the Alexa app, go to: more -> routines -> new routine ('+' icon on the top right)
    2. Create a routine for making a call to the desired contact. For example, we will create a routine to call "Dad". 
    3. Set the routine name. For example: "Talk to dad"
    4. Define the expected action at: 'when this happens' --> 'voice' --> set expected voice input, IMPORTANT: do not use the word "call", as this is a saved action, for example use "I love dad" as the input or anything else that makes sense without using the word 'call'.


please notice: you can check if the text you chose was understood currectly by Alexa by going to the Alexa app --> more --> activity --> voice history. 
If the routine was not executed by Voiceitt, it might be because Alexa couldn't understand the text. In this case, try again with different text. 

Note: the same text should be later used as Voiceitt's output text field "Voiceitt will ask Alexa:"

      6.    Define 'add action ' --> customized --> enter the desired action "Call [contact name]". For this example: "call dad"
Note: you need to use the customized action, don't use the "Calling" action
        7.  Use 'choose device' in order to define the routine to be activated on your Echo device.
NOTE: The routine cannot be executed directly from the iOS device. 

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  • In the Voiceitt app:
    1. Go to dictionary -> Smart Home
    2. Create a new command by clicking on the '+' icon
    3. In the input line "when I say": write whatever you want to say in order to trigger the call. You can use any word you like, for example, "call dad" or just "Dad" 
    4. In the output line "Voiceitt will ask Alexa to:" write the command Voiceitt should send to Alexa. Here you must enter the exact same text as you wrote as the voice input under "when it happens" in the Alexa app routine. In this example: "I love dad". 
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    5. Click "SAVE" and train Vocieitt to recognize you saying this command by clicking "RECORD" 

Once the Voiceitt command is trained and unlocked, you can go to the "Speak" tab, tap on the button or say "Alexa", and say the command.

In this example, say "Call dad"., Voiceitt will recognize you, and ask Alexa to trigger the routine that triggers the call.