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Using Smart Home handsfree

You can use Voiceitt Smart Home handsfree by setting up your wake word "Alexa."

Steps to set up wake word:

  1. Click the Dictionary tab and go yo your smart home scenarios

you can switch between smart home and conversation dictionary by clicking on the arrows at the top left


       2. Click on the "Wake Word" scenario. 
Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 2.06.36 PM-1

     3.  tap on "activate scenario"
        4. Tap the word "Alexa " and you will be directed to teach Voiceitt your pronunciation of the word ""Alexa"
        1. Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 12.56.59 PM
        Tip: It doesn't matter how you pronounce the words "Alexa", only that your pronunciation is consistent! Feel free to pronounce "Alexa" however feels best for you.
        5. Continue training the word "Alexa" until it is unlocked. It should take around 5-10 repetitions to unlock. To learn the steps to train a word
watch this video

Steps to using wake word:

  1.  Click the Speak tab and slide the toggle to "Recognizing Smart Home Commands." 

    Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 9.39.37 AM
  2. Say "Alexa " and wait for a short beep. If you do not hear a beep, repeat "Alexa" again.
  3. After the beep, say the rest of your command, for example, "lights on."
  4. Voiceitt will send your command to Alexa - all without using your hands!

Voiceitt does not hear you say the wake word, or Voiceitt is activated too many times even when you do not say the wake word? 
You can change the wae word's sensitivity in the settings page under "wake word settings". read more about it here 


Changing the Wake Word 

The Wake Word "Alexa" cannot be modified, in order to ensure a seamless integration with Alexa devices.  Please contact us if you are having any issues at support@voiceitt.com